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Our concept of sustainability does not only refer to the end product paper. Rather, it is a challenge that encompasses the entire production process. Our factory already achieves a very high level of sustainable technology. This creates a unique way of dealing with nature.

Imagine a world where factories make the environment cleaner, not dirtier. Imagine if in this world the factory was its own ecosystem, where every end product could be the beginning of something new.

Michael Schneider

Managing Director


The water leaves our production cleaner than it is taken from the river from which it originates. An advantage that our employees feel immediately: the body of water is inextricably linked to the lives of the families who swim, fish or work here. Modern technology, which is used without compromise, is responsible for the clean water. A permanent waste water control certifies the high quality of the water.


What do you think of when you think of jeans leftovers from the fashion industry, leather leftovers from folded sections and sanding dust from tanneries? For the majority of people, this is useless rubbish. We see valuable raw materials in them. We have developed a process that can be used to make paper from any material that contains cell fibers.


This means: no mass consumption of wood for paper production. We also use existing resources at the end of their usage cycle to create something completely new. In this way, materials remain in the economic cycle for longer – ideally even permanently.


In fact, this process has been functioning in nature for millions of years: in every living organism there is a constant alternation of build-up and breakdown. We are now transferring this principle of sustainability to technology. This is made possible by the intensive study of paper as a material and the use of modern equipment.

We save around 1784 trees every year!

Our forest fulfills a variety of functions for nature and us humans. It is a habitat for countless plants, animals and fungi, it cleans the air and our drinking water, it supplies the natural raw material wood, provides oxygen and stores CO2.
It is a place of calm and strength.

Our tree rescue simulator will show you how many trees we can save in a year by making our papers from leftover jeans and scraps of fabric.

Our certificates


Our factory is based on the natural cycle of energy and resources. Heat generated on one side is useful in another section to dry products. All these innovations are important stages on the way to the sustainable world of tomorrow. Now it's time to take the next step.